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Paul Pierce: A Look Back In Time

Born and raised in Oakland, California, Paul Pierce grew to become a major player in the Eastern Basketball Conference. Pierce’s family moved to Inglewood California during his freshman and sophomore year and was cut from the basketball team twice. He was determined to be successful and began to hit the gym everyday until later in his junior year he was the star of his basketball team. Paul Pierce was an McDonald’s All-American star in his junior year. Pierce became a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers during his high school basketball years and wanted to become a part of their team.

Paul Pierce: Kansas Jayhawk

Paul Pierce attended Kansas University and majored in Crime and Delinquency Studies. Averaging 16 points and 6.3 rebounds each gamed earned him the MVP in the Big 12 conference for two consecutive years. His NBA career was determined by how he played for Roy Williams at Kansas. Williams is a well known Hall of Fame coach that have given several NBA players there start. Pierce entered the NBA in his junior year as a 10th overall pick in the first round. Paul Pierce began his NBA career playing for the Boston Celtics.

Career As A Boston Celtic

Paul Pierce played for the Boston Celtics from 1998-2013. In a Game 3 series with the Boston Celtics, Pierce used his ability to score, play defense, and rebound to lead the Celtics to a historical fourth-quarter comeback. The Celtics recovered during the fourth-quarter with 19 of the 28 points for the win, contributed by Pierce. Determination and a willingness to work with team has led him to become a major figure in past NBA statistics. This is were he emerged as a top player for the Eastern Conference.

Early in his NBA career there were rumors of him being traded, but Danny Ainge ensured this was not true by signing Paul Pierce to a $60 million contractual extension. Ainge admitted that Pierce was a valuable part of the team and trading him was all talk by outsiders. He had the highest shot out of the 30 highest NBA players in the league. Paul Pierce has played a major part in the Boston Celtic’s superior past scoring history. Pierce also suffered a number of injuries and setbacks during the playoffs.

Controversy surround Pierce in 2008 when he was fined $25,000 for a hand gesture in a playoff game against the Atlanta Hawks. The general manager, Danny Ainge, sided with his player and suggested this was a symbol that he always used and signified his commitment to the team. Paul Pierce defended his actions and assured the public this was not meant to be a gang sign. Pierce also suffered a number of injuries that included him being carried off the court in pain during the 2008 finals game against the Los Angeles Lakers. He later returned with a 15 point contribution that led to a 98-88 victory. Piece played for the Brooklyn Nets from 2013-2014 and the Washington Wizards from 2014-2015.

Paul Pierce: Current Lifestyle

Since 2015, Paul Pierce has played for the Los Angles Clippers. He has signed a 3 year $10 million dollar contract with the Clippers as a small forward. During late September 2016, Pierce stated the 2016-2017 season would be his last season in the NBA. He has been a member of the United States national FIBA Basketball team. Paul Pierce is married to Julie Landrum has two daughters and one son.


Shohei Ohtani is a Japanese national. I know he is best recognized as an outfielder, designated hitter and baseball pitcher. He is 22years of age. He is a professional baseball player playing for Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

As a baseball player, Shohei registered the fastest pitch by a Japanese player in the history of NPB at 165 kilometers per hour. This speed is equivalent to 102.5 mph. Also, as a high school pitcher, he recorded the swiftest pitch of 160km/h (99 mph). Due to his spectacular performance, Ohtani set a record in the Tournament of Summer Koshien. Unfortunately, his team lost during the tournament.

Highlights of Shohei’s career in baseball in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).
I would agree that Shohei is the best baseball player in the world. Even at his young age of 22 years, I must say he has outdone himself. I think so far; he has achieved a lot in his baseball career. Let us now look at some of his achievements in his baseball career.
• Pacific League Battery Award, together with Shota Ono (2015).
• Pacific League ERA leader (2015).
• Designated hitter Best Nine- the foremost double to ever been won in history.
• 2* Pacific League Best Nine (2015-2016).
• Pacific League MVP (2016).
• 3* NPB All-Star (2013-2016).
• Japan Series Champion (2016).

Shohei and baseball
Ohtani made his first appearance playing for Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters’ at the age of eighteen years. He played as a right outfielder during that season. I think his potential was noticed because, during the 2013 All-star game, he was voted as an all-star. At the end of that season his finish was a record of a 3-0 record in eleven starts. I believe he is a talented player and that is why some teams have shown interest in him. These teams include:
1. Los Angeles Dodgers.
2. Boston Red Sox.
3. Texas Rangers.
4. New York Yankees.

Achievements of Shohei Ohtani
 In a game where his team was playing with Orix Buffaloes, Ohtani turned out to be the first Japanese player to reach double figures in both home wins and runs.

 On September 13, during a game with Orix Buffaloes. Otani made history by becoming the first ever pitcher right from high school to register a 1-0 shutout win within his first two years in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

 Ohtani leads his team (Hokkaido Nippon Ham) to win the Japan Series Title. He was an outfielder and starting pitcher at the game. The win was credited to his lethal left-handed swing and power right-handed pitching.

 Otani I believe is known for being the first player in NPB history to get a position in the Pacific League team of the best nine.

 In 2015, Shohei piloted his team during the league to success with a winning record of 15-5 in only 22 starts. Ohtani’s 2.24 ERA, three shutouts, and five complete games were the unsurpassed in the league also.

Most people think that Shohei is Babe Ruth comeback to life a hundred years later and I agree with them. He is definitely on the way to becoming the next Japanese sensation to star in the major leagues. Shohei signed a contract of $2.37 million with Nippon Ham Fighters last year. This to me means that he will not be qualified for free agency until the end of 2021 season. Shohei mentioned that in case he wishes to leave his club, they will respect his decision. Shohei said that he could transfer to Major League Baseball after 2017 season. I am looking forward to his move to the Major League Baseball.

NBA Drug Policy: Does it Work ?

*Drug Policies & Jeopardizing Ones Sports career:

Much has been made of the issue over the years concerning drug use in sports. A number of professional sports figures have used drugs to enhance their performance. Drug use within the NBA is still a problem which can have serious ramifications if the person is caught using substance that in fact enhance their overall performance.

Commonly abused drugs among NBA and other sports figures are anabolic steroids and amphetamines. Steroids enhance muscle development and make a person feel stronger. It is easy to understand why an NBA player may turn to drugs of this kind.

Amphetamines have been abused for centuries. Amphetamines give the person a “false sense of well being”. They increase overall energy and decrease appetite. Therefore, amphetamines are perfect drugs for losing weight and enhancing overall sports performance.

Not only are steroids and amphetamines addictive and harmful to the body if taken in excess, these drugs can also help a player become more energetic and productive. Therefore, a player could very well win championship games simply because they were all juiced up on drugs. The drugs give the players a competitive advantage. However, the advantage is unfair to the other team players and it is unethical. This is the reason why a player can lose their title, trophies and other honors received from the NBA.

The NBA currently has a strict drug policy in effect. However, some may ask themselves if in fact these drug policies really do work? That question may be difficult to answer for a variety of reasons. First, NBA players are aware that they could face serious penalties if they caught using chemical substances. Aside from ramifications from the NBA, players that test positive for drugs could also end up facing serious legal problems. depending upon the severity of the situation the law can step in and take additional action.

The NBA drug policies may deter drug use and abuse to a small degree. Meaning that players are well aware of what they could possibly face if they are caught violating the drug policy. Therefore, the drug policies set forth by NBA may cause players to be a bit more cautious however the drug policies will not stop drug use within the NBA.

Players are well aware that they could be randomly tested at any time. However, some of the players still are willing the chance. Some NBA players may feel that they will probably never get caught. NBA players have been stripped of their titles and removed from a team for testing positive for drugs.

The strict drug policy may cause players to exercise on the side of caution however, it is not going to stop certain players from taking drugs. There are probably NBA players that are on drugs right now and the public has not found out about it as of yet. The public will not find out about NBA players taking drugs unless they are caught.

*Prevalence of Drug testing:

In conclusion, it is absolutely necessary to have strict drugs policy in effect for NBA players. The strict policies may cause players to think twice before using drugs. However, sad to say but it will probably not stop someone from taking enhancement performing drugs if they choose to do so.

As unethical as it might be, drugs have been used in sports for years. The difference is that a great deal more attention is given to the drug issue today as opposed to thirty years ago. Thirty years ago random drug testing was very rare. When you stop and think about it, ruining a NBA career over drugs is foolish. That does not seem to deter some sports figures from indulging in these harmful drugs.

Dumbest Things NFL Players Have Done

Some of the Dumbest Things That NFL Players Have Done That Are Totally Stupid! 

The one thing that can be said about some NFL athletes is this. They aren’t smart at all in their lives away from the sports field. Why is this being said? The truth is this. Some of NFL’s brightest sports athletes who are known for their athletic prowess and awesome play, where the game is concerned, aren’t always the brightest of all bulbs in their private lives. It is the professional sports leagues that these NFL players for that end up suffering. Their crazy and stupid antics don’t only ruin the image of these fine sports leagues. It also helps to destroy their reputation as well. The reason for this is abundantly clear. Some of them have truly done some of the stupidest of all things that are simply horrifying in description. Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did.

Who are some of these dumb NFL players that have done some dark things? They are:

Johnny Manziel – One drink too many

Johnny Manziel may be a top of the line football player on the field. However, off of the playing field, he isn’t so hot. Why is that? The answer is clear. He is a man who is reckless. A good many of his not so good actions are tied to his constant partying life. He has been in many scrapes and then some due to his insatiable habit for alcohol, drugs, and women. Manziel did a lot to try to change his unhealthy lifestyle. However, trying didn’t appear to be enough, because he always seemed to be back in trouble. One bad choice that did lead to a ruination of his career in sports is this. It was when he decided to abuse and threaten the life of his girlfriend while in a car.

Michael Vick’s dog fighting

Another big name in sports that went wrong big-time is no other than famed quarterback Michael Vick. Vick did get many an accolade for his excellent play on the football field and for being the best of the best amid NFL players. However, his name sort of went down the tubes, when it was learned that he was part of a dog fighting ring. What was bad about this dog fighting ring wasn’t just the cruelty to animals and the gambling. The dog fighting ring was also used as a site for drug running and gambling. The name of the ring was Bad Newz Kennels and Vick himself was the supplier of the money himself for all the gambling done through this illegal operation.

Adrian Peterson beat his own child

Adrian Peterson was the running back for the Minnesota Vikings. He was a man that had made some not so good decisions over the length of his career. However, one of the worst things any parent could do, he did do to his own four-year-old son back in 2014. It was only a few years back. Nonetheless, it was something that would damage not only his sports career, but hurt him in the long run too. What he did was beat his son using a tree branch. The tree branch was supposed to be a switch or a whip and it was done by him to administer punishment. He said that his own father punished him that way as a youngster too. What Peterson did was give the little boy a lot of injuries that were photographed. Some of these injuries included a series of slash wounds. These slash wounds were on the child’s legs, genitals, back, and ankles. The photos were published. The severity of Peterson’s son’s injuries did show that this was far more than just a simple act of discipline.

Some of the dumbest things that NFL players have done, and continue to do, don’t only destroy and hurt their own careers and lives. It also does damage that is permanent in the eyes of their fans, family, and friends as well.