Dumbest Things NFL Players Have Done

Some of the Dumbest Things That NFL Players Have Done That Are Totally Stupid! 

The one thing that can be said about some NFL athletes is this. They aren’t smart at all in their lives away from the sports field. Why is this being said? The truth is this. Some of NFL’s brightest sports athletes who are known for their athletic prowess and awesome play, where the game is concerned, aren’t always the brightest of all bulbs in their private lives. It is the professional sports leagues that these NFL players for that end up suffering. Their crazy and stupid antics don’t only ruin the image of these fine sports leagues. It also helps to destroy their reputation as well. The reason for this is abundantly clear. Some of them have truly done some of the stupidest of all things that are simply horrifying in description. Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did.

Who are some of these dumb NFL players that have done some dark things? They are:

Johnny Manziel – One drink too many

Johnny Manziel may be a top of the line football player on the field. However, off of the playing field, he isn’t so hot. Why is that? The answer is clear. He is a man who is reckless. A good many of his not so good actions are tied to his constant partying life. He has been in many scrapes and then some due to his insatiable habit for alcohol, drugs, and women. Manziel did a lot to try to change his unhealthy lifestyle. However, trying didn’t appear to be enough, because he always seemed to be back in trouble. One bad choice that did lead to a ruination of his career in sports is this. It was when he decided to abuse and threaten the life of his girlfriend while in a car.

Michael Vick’s dog fighting

Another big name in sports that went wrong big-time is no other than famed quarterback Michael Vick. Vick did get many an accolade for his excellent play on the football field and for being the best of the best amid NFL players. However, his name sort of went down the tubes, when it was learned that he was part of a dog fighting ring. What was bad about this dog fighting ring wasn’t just the cruelty to animals and the gambling. The dog fighting ring was also used as a site for drug running and gambling. The name of the ring was Bad Newz Kennels and Vick himself was the supplier of the money himself for all the gambling done through this illegal operation.

Adrian Peterson beat his own child

Adrian Peterson was the running back for the Minnesota Vikings. He was a man that had made some not so good decisions over the length of his career. However, one of the worst things any parent could do, he did do to his own four-year-old son back in 2014. It was only a few years back. Nonetheless, it was something that would damage not only his sports career, but hurt him in the long run too. What he did was beat his son using a tree branch. The tree branch was supposed to be a switch or a whip and it was done by him to administer punishment. He said that his own father punished him that way as a youngster too. What Peterson did was give the little boy a lot of injuries that were photographed. Some of these injuries included a series of slash wounds. These slash wounds were on the child’s legs, genitals, back, and ankles. The photos were published. The severity of Peterson’s son’s injuries did show that this was far more than just a simple act of discipline.

Some of the dumbest things that NFL players have done, and continue to do, don’t only destroy and hurt their own careers and lives. It also does damage that is permanent in the eyes of their fans, family, and friends as well.

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