NBA Drug Policy: Does it Work ?

*Drug Policies & Jeopardizing Ones Sports career:

Much has been made of the issue over the years concerning drug use in sports. A number of professional sports figures have used drugs to enhance their performance. Drug use within the NBA is still a problem which can have serious ramifications if the person is caught using substance that in fact enhance their overall performance.

Commonly abused drugs among NBA and other sports figures are anabolic steroids and amphetamines. Steroids enhance muscle development and make a person feel stronger. It is easy to understand why an NBA player may turn to drugs of this kind.

Amphetamines have been abused for centuries. Amphetamines give the person a “false sense of well being”. They increase overall energy and decrease appetite. Therefore, amphetamines are perfect drugs for losing weight and enhancing overall sports performance.

Not only are steroids and amphetamines addictive and harmful to the body if taken in excess, these drugs can also help a player become more energetic and productive. Therefore, a player could very well win championship games simply because they were all juiced up on drugs. The drugs give the players a competitive advantage. However, the advantage is unfair to the other team players and it is unethical. This is the reason why a player can lose their title, trophies and other honors received from the NBA.

The NBA currently has a strict drug policy in effect. However, some may ask themselves if in fact these drug policies really do work? That question may be difficult to answer for a variety of reasons. First, NBA players are aware that they could face serious penalties if they caught using chemical substances. Aside from ramifications from the NBA, players that test positive for drugs could also end up facing serious legal problems. depending upon the severity of the situation the law can step in and take additional action.

The NBA drug policies may deter drug use and abuse to a small degree. Meaning that players are well aware of what they could possibly face if they are caught violating the drug policy. Therefore, the drug policies set forth by NBA may cause players to be a bit more cautious however the drug policies will not stop drug use within the NBA.

Players are well aware that they could be randomly tested at any time. However, some of the players still are willing the chance. Some NBA players may feel that they will probably never get caught. NBA players have been stripped of their titles and removed from a team for testing positive for drugs.

The strict drug policy may cause players to exercise on the side of caution however, it is not going to stop certain players from taking drugs. There are probably NBA players that are on drugs right now and the public has not found out about it as of yet. The public will not find out about NBA players taking drugs unless they are caught.

*Prevalence of Drug testing:

In conclusion, it is absolutely necessary to have strict drugs policy in effect for NBA players. The strict policies may cause players to think twice before using drugs. However, sad to say but it will probably not stop someone from taking enhancement performing drugs if they choose to do so.

As unethical as it might be, drugs have been used in sports for years. The difference is that a great deal more attention is given to the drug issue today as opposed to thirty years ago. Thirty years ago random drug testing was very rare. When you stop and think about it, ruining a NBA career over drugs is foolish. That does not seem to deter some sports figures from indulging in these harmful drugs.

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