Shohei Ohtani is a Japanese national. I know he is best recognized as an outfielder, designated hitter and baseball pitcher. He is 22years of age. He is a professional baseball player playing for Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

As a baseball player, Shohei registered the fastest pitch by a Japanese player in the history of NPB at 165 kilometers per hour. This speed is equivalent to 102.5 mph. Also, as a high school pitcher, he recorded the swiftest pitch of 160km/h (99 mph). Due to his spectacular performance, Ohtani set a record in the Tournament of Summer Koshien. Unfortunately, his team lost during the tournament.

Highlights of Shohei’s career in baseball in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).
I would agree that Shohei is the best baseball player in the world. Even at his young age of 22 years, I must say he has outdone himself. I think so far; he has achieved a lot in his baseball career. Let us now look at some of his achievements in his baseball career.
• Pacific League Battery Award, together with Shota Ono (2015).
• Pacific League ERA leader (2015).
• Designated hitter Best Nine- the foremost double to ever been won in history.
• 2* Pacific League Best Nine (2015-2016).
• Pacific League MVP (2016).
• 3* NPB All-Star (2013-2016).
• Japan Series Champion (2016).

Shohei and baseball
Ohtani made his first appearance playing for Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters’ at the age of eighteen years. He played as a right outfielder during that season. I think his potential was noticed because, during the 2013 All-star game, he was voted as an all-star. At the end of that season his finish was a record of a 3-0 record in eleven starts. I believe he is a talented player and that is why some teams have shown interest in him. These teams include:
1. Los Angeles Dodgers.
2. Boston Red Sox.
3. Texas Rangers.
4. New York Yankees.

Achievements of Shohei Ohtani
 In a game where his team was playing with Orix Buffaloes, Ohtani turned out to be the first Japanese player to reach double figures in both home wins and runs.

 On September 13, during a game with Orix Buffaloes. Otani made history by becoming the first ever pitcher right from high school to register a 1-0 shutout win within his first two years in the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

 Ohtani leads his team (Hokkaido Nippon Ham) to win the Japan Series Title. He was an outfielder and starting pitcher at the game. The win was credited to his lethal left-handed swing and power right-handed pitching.

 Otani I believe is known for being the first player in NPB history to get a position in the Pacific League team of the best nine.

 In 2015, Shohei piloted his team during the league to success with a winning record of 15-5 in only 22 starts. Ohtani’s 2.24 ERA, three shutouts, and five complete games were the unsurpassed in the league also.

Most people think that Shohei is Babe Ruth comeback to life a hundred years later and I agree with them. He is definitely on the way to becoming the next Japanese sensation to star in the major leagues. Shohei signed a contract of $2.37 million with Nippon Ham Fighters last year. This to me means that he will not be qualified for free agency until the end of 2021 season. Shohei mentioned that in case he wishes to leave his club, they will respect his decision. Shohei said that he could transfer to Major League Baseball after 2017 season. I am looking forward to his move to the Major League Baseball.

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