Paul Pierce: A Look Back In Time

Born and raised in Oakland, California, Paul Pierce grew to become a major player in the Eastern Basketball Conference. Pierce’s family moved to Inglewood California during his freshman and sophomore year and was cut from the basketball team twice. He was determined to be successful and began to hit the gym everyday until later in his junior year he was the star of his basketball team. Paul Pierce was an McDonald’s All-American star in his junior year. Pierce became a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers during his high school basketball years and wanted to become a part of their team.

Paul Pierce: Kansas Jayhawk

Paul Pierce attended Kansas University and majored in Crime and Delinquency Studies. Averaging 16 points and 6.3 rebounds each gamed earned him the MVP in the Big 12 conference for two consecutive years. His NBA career was determined by how he played for Roy Williams at Kansas. Williams is a well known Hall of Fame coach that have given several NBA players there start. Pierce entered the NBA in his junior year as a 10th overall pick in the first round. Paul Pierce began his NBA career playing for the Boston Celtics.

Career As A Boston Celtic

Paul Pierce played for the Boston Celtics from 1998-2013. In a Game 3 series with the Boston Celtics, Pierce used his ability to score, play defense, and rebound to lead the Celtics to a historical fourth-quarter comeback. The Celtics recovered during the fourth-quarter with 19 of the 28 points for the win, contributed by Pierce. Determination and a willingness to work with team has led him to become a major figure in past NBA statistics. This is were he emerged as a top player for the Eastern Conference.

Early in his NBA career there were rumors of him being traded, but Danny Ainge ensured this was not true by signing Paul Pierce to a $60 million contractual extension. Ainge admitted that Pierce was a valuable part of the team and trading him was all talk by outsiders. He had the highest shot out of the 30 highest NBA players in the league. Paul Pierce has played a major part in the Boston Celtic’s superior past scoring history. Pierce also suffered a number of injuries and setbacks during the playoffs.

Controversy surround Pierce in 2008 when he was fined $25,000 for a hand gesture in a playoff game against the Atlanta Hawks. The general manager, Danny Ainge, sided with his player and suggested this was a symbol that he always used and signified his commitment to the team. Paul Pierce defended his actions and assured the public this was not meant to be a gang sign. Pierce also suffered a number of injuries that included him being carried off the court in pain during the 2008 finals game against the Los Angeles Lakers. He later returned with a 15 point contribution that led to a 98-88 victory. Piece played for the Brooklyn Nets from 2013-2014 and the Washington Wizards from 2014-2015.

Paul Pierce: Current Lifestyle

Since 2015, Paul Pierce has played for the Los Angles Clippers. He has signed a 3 year $10 million dollar contract with the Clippers as a small forward. During late September 2016, Pierce stated the 2016-2017 season would be his last season in the NBA. He has been a member of the United States national FIBA Basketball team. Paul Pierce is married to Julie Landrum has two daughters and one son.

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